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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

china glaze flip flop fantasy

this is the polish i was actually the most interested in when i first saw pictures for the china glaze poolside collection, but was probably the least impressed with. don't get me wrong, flip flop fantasy is pretty great, but i was expecting...idk more? coral is still my favorite shade so i can't totally discount this guy and the pictures don't really do it justice, so maybe i need to give it another try. also, i don't think the color in these pictures is true to it IRL but it's the best i could do. it's not hardly as orange. this one really really day-glows so that is pretty dope. this is three coats. i believe i used a coat of white under the INDEX and RING fingers, like on the previous swatches from this collection for opacity differences, tho this one didn't really need it.

lamp light, no topcoat
flash, no topcoat

lamp light, with seche vite topcoat

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