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Sunday, May 16, 2010

towel boy toy

this is the first swatch i have for you all from the china glaze poolside collection. it is towel boy toy. clever name :) i like it. this is the only non straight neon of the collex, it has a bit of shimmer in it and it doesn't dry really matte like the other colors. it's a vivid shocking electric blue that would look awesome on your tootsies this summer lounging by the pool. i had a little bubbling on this one but i think it was one of the easier ones to apply so it was probably just me being hasty. this is three coats. i wore white polish under the color on my INDEX and RING fingers. this was more necessary for the other colors and not so much this one, but for continuity, i did it for them all.

flash, no topcoat
 lamp light, no topcoat
lamp light with seche vite topcoat
i just got back from a trip home for a late mother's day celebration so i'm beat. and i have a paper to write for class tomorrow. so i guess i better get on that! *phew* i can't believe i'm taking summer classes. how do people do this?! i feel like a viking ;) how was your weekend??

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