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Thursday, May 27, 2010

seriously hip baby goth girl

uh huuuuh :D i know these MAC polishes were released about forever and a damn day ago with the style black collection, buuut i'm just now getting around to posting my swatches of the gorgeous things.

seriously hip is a SERIOUSLY badass mammajamma polish! *cough* FLAKIES! *cough* OLIVE GREEN! *cough* SHIMMER! what more could a girl want?? well, unfortunately, some of the awesomeness of this polish is lost in most lighting. flash and sunlight really make it look as awesome as it does in the bottle though. so screw it, wear it during the summer i say! gold & reddish shimmer & gold flakes make this varnish soooo unique. it is a must have, so kudos to all of you who were lucky enough to snatch it up when it was available.
baby goth girl has the raddest name for a lacquer that i've ever heard. yup. the coolest. cooler than cool. this is a dark purple polish that has red shimmer and bits of gold flakes (like her sister polish seriously hip). but again, the complexity is blurred/muddied in most lighting as the polish tends to look very dark. i wish this looked as sweet-ass on my nails as it does in the bottle but eh what can ya do? i still rock this polish like a hurricane :D
i'm sure you could track these down somewhere if you really wanted them. but i couldn't imagine letting mine go i really like them that much! hope everyone is having a swell week :) i've been slightly busy, come to think about it...and i've just started embarking on a new healthy lifestyle to lose some excess weight. you know it's not good when you can feel your ass jiggle when you walk. O_o so please pray for me and my poor chubby cheeks haha, ima need it!
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