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Thursday, May 13, 2010

orly sweet collection

orly sent me three colors from the sweet collection they did in the spring around the same time they did their bloom collection. i got lollipop, pixy stix, and gumdrop. i particularly liked this collection because each polish came with a little scented/color-coordinated lipgloss that matched the polish name. so yep, lollipop's lipgloss smelled just like the delicious candy treat!

lollipop is a lovely pastel lavender creme. i feel like we've seen a lot of these colors this spring, but orly's formula is pretty fabulous--better than some of their big competitors that's for sure. plus i have to mention their amazing rubberized brush handles, which in my opinion, make polish application soooo much easier. their bottles also are sized at .6 oz while most polishes are only .5 oz or less. i like that. big fatty bottles make mama feel gooood.
 lamp light
pixy stix is a rich and bright but still in the pastel family type pink. it's very summer dress-like. ya know, if you wear summer dresses. i don't. i wish i did, almost. i'm more of a year-round jeans girl. also, scrubs. but i digress, the point is that this color is so girly and pretty and exactly what i love in a creme. easy to apply and not too thick.

ok so for the life of me i cannot find my pictures of gumdrop, the minty blue shade in the collection. so i'll have to reswatch it for ya. but this post is already soooo overdue that i figured i'd put it up anyway. so look out for an update! also, i cropped these pictures at different times and the site i use is being straight whack so my watermarks are all the hellz over the damn place. plus i'm tired and it's too late to do them over. i'm visiting my family in lovely Nevada, where it's still SNOWING btw, this weekend starting tomorrow so i'll catch you dolls on the flipside. have a great day!

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