Monday, May 17, 2010

jerseylicious nails

does anyone out there watch a little show called...
well i do. i know i know. it's a guilty pleasure. i can't stop! i am really sad that it won't be on for another two months. it's about a salon in jersey and all the ladies that work there. and i have to say i'm "team olivia" if you know what that means. i'm so addicted to talking jersey style and teasing my hair now LOL!

and...another side effect has become my huge lemming of tracy dimarco's (the blonde in the leopard print above) nails. they're acrylic "flair" type with dark pink and miles of white french style. they look like they're slightly bubbled up too.
it's a sickness. i neeeeeeeeeeed these nails! for no other reason but to fulfill the craving. i know they're horrendous. i know. but i had to share :D
the show is on the style network. if you don't watch but you like reality shows and hair, makeup, beauty, and a little drama ;) then you'll probably like this!
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