Tuesday, May 25, 2010

china glaze sun worshiper

this polish is totally ME. seriously, it screams KELLIE. obnoxious, bright, loud, unapologetic, fearless, warm, and somewhat daring. i don't want to toot my own horn but i pretty much am all those things ;) sun worshiper is a ridiculously neon yellow-orange that could send a nude-polish lover running for the hills. and that's why i LOVE it! don't get me wrong, you know me, i love my nudes, but i adore shades like this. colors like sun worshipper are pretty much the reason why i love nail polish and fashion. you can do literally ANYTHING you want with it and someone out there will love it and identify with it. way to go china glaze! their poolside collection is literally rocking my socks off ;) this reminds me of nuclear orange juice or something haha, like that awful sunny d.

this is three coats. there is a coat of white polish (nail polish panties, as one reader calls it!) underneath on my INDEX and RING fingers to show opacity differences.

lamp light, no topcoat

flash, no topcoat
sorry i missed taking a picture of this guy with a topcoat on :(

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  1. This color looks great on you!

  2. This is such a fun shade!

  3. I love this color on you! It's a fun shade...it seems very "you" from the way you write, I don't know you seem fun, too!

  4. Oh you must stop posting these lovelies :P I gotta lemming for them! :D

  5. So cute!! I love this post, cause it is totally you! :)

  6. I just love every polish in this collection, so much fun. And this one was one of my favorites! I love bright screaming obnoxious colors, I swear I do. We're two of a kind in that!

  7. Nail polish panties? Ah ah, what a cute thing to say. :)

    I totally bought this one! This is the only one I get from the collection. Isn't it AWESOME?? I have yet to try it but it's so great on you. Too bad that camera are almost unable to completely capture its awesomeness.

    (I want your nails, Kellie. Their shape is perfect.)

    By the way, I didn't told you but I ADORE your new header. The photo is wonderful.

  8. Wow, this one looks really cool!
    I still haven't got any of the collection :O

  9. How did this post slip by me!!?

    I love this polish on you. And, the 'polish underpanties,' I think I sent the cat out of the room with my sharp cackle on that one. :P


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