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Thursday, May 27, 2010

nubar spam

here are some nubar swatches i had lying around :D

nubar pasadena purple, as made famous by the AWFUL movie "he's just not that into you". slightly metallic, basically a dupe for china glaze's coconut kiss. i couldn't help getting brush strokes. didn't like. boo. also it was hard to get accurate coloring in these pictures. purples are hard to photograph, people!
flash, less blue IRL
lamp light, less red IRL
nubar's modern matte collection. their first round punches at mattes. i liked these, even though i didn't think i would. (p.s. i borrowed all of these from a friend)

avant-garde is a dark reddish brownish russet matte. these all spread really easy, kinda like the OPI suede collection although they dry a tad bit faster IMO.
 prevail is a dark purple matte.
contempo is a bright tomato red matte, more orangey than pinky like this pic. this one is the only one i had semi trubs with applying.
vital is a plumberry matte that i think was my favorite of the collection. easiest to apply too!
geez can you all believe that may is almost over?? i can't. i'm going to be 24 in less than a month! holy crap i'm getting old!!

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