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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Color Club Fractured Collection: Swatches & Review Part 1

Hola my beauties :) Today I bring you the first half of Color Club's new special effect topcoat collection, Fractured. The polish creates the effect of random jagged lines by applying to a dry base color.

I wore the white, called Clean Break, over my current mani the day I swatched these, Sephora by OPI's Hell to the No, which I reviewed earlier this week. This is definitely the best cracking white polish I've used, look at all that! It does get thick and chunky around the mouth of the bottle though so be careful.

This is the black fracture polish, Smash Hit over Color Club's own Pure Energy from their Electro Candy collection. It fractured very well, but again got a little thick on the brush and on the polish lip. I like this combination. I shall have to do a skittles mani of the entire Electro Candy collection and shatters one day :)

I should've done another neon because I'm guessing that would be epic, but I was dying to see what a holo would look like under the silver fractured polish, Broken Tokens. I chose OPI DS Extravagance. It turned out alright, not really as fab as I expected. This one "fractured" the least for me and it seemed more sheer than the other colors. To compare it to the other silver crackle polish I've tried, OPI's Silver Shatter, it is definitely lighter and less crack-y.

What is really nice about this collection is that it is super affordable. Also, this is just the first half. Three more fractures are on the way, a gold, blue and purple. Hope you liked seeing these new polishes and have a great day!

Products provided for review.
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