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Monday, June 6, 2011

Spring Favorites

Hey everyone :) I hope you had a lovely weekend! I want to start doing "Favorites" posts every few months so I can let you know the things I'm diggen' lately, there are so many things I love that come and go that I really am remiss in letting everyone know about. This will just be a round up of things, mostly nail related, beauty related, maybe a few miscellaneous things thrown in, I don't know I haven't quite figured it out yet.

Favorite Moisturizer as of now -  True Blue Spa Super Softening Hand Lotion Paraffin, Look Ma, New Hands. This stuff is awesome, I have it in the trial/travel size, 2.5 fl. oz and I definitely need to go back and stock up because it's amazing. I love it after I finish a manicure or just when my hands need a good drink. It smells like orange blossom. You can get it at Bath & Body Works.
Image via Bath & Body Works
Favorite Polish Remover as of now - Beauty Secrets Non-Acetone. This stuff isn't bothering my nose as much right now, it smells a little like blueberry candy maybe? And it's very cheap. I am dryer than usual and my regular acetone/glycerin cocktail remover was exacerbating the effects of the sun. This one is more moisturizing and the non-acetone isn't as bad at removing as most of the others that I've tried. You can get this at Sally Beauty. An honorable mention goes out to Butter London Powder Room Non-Acetone remover.
Image via Sally Beauty
Favorite Polish as of right now - I'm obsessed with getting all the China Glaze Kicks collection polishes. Idk why now, because they came out in Spring 2009, but I feel the need to have them immediately haha. I think I still need: B-Girlz, Breakin', Fly, It's Poppin', and How Street It Is. Also, my friend Kae has made some beautiful frankens I've shown you here and here. I still have one very SEXY special one to show you soon that will blow you away, hehe.
Image via China Glaze
Favorite Top Coat as of right now - I am back in love with my old standby Poshe. It really is superior to Seche Vite in my book. Applies better, lasts longer without getting thick, and doesn't shrink my polish.
Image via
Favorite Base Coat as of right now - To stop my nails from getting stains, the best base coat I've found is Lumos Instant Impact Bottom coat. I'll be doing a full review on this soon, so stay tuned.
Image via Famous Names Products
Favorite Nail Treatment - To get my tips longer and stronger than they've been in a LONG time, my secret is Nail Magic--a formaldehyde based strengthener. This won't work for everyone but it has gotten rid of my peels and give me healthy, hard tips. I've stopped using it for now to give my nails a break so they won't get too hard and brittle. You can get Nail Magic at Sally Beauty.
Image via Sally Beauty
That's all I have for this installment :) What are some of your current favorites? I'd love to hear them in the comments!!
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