June 12, 2011

Cult Nails My Kind of Cool Aid - Take Two

This is my second blog post about this polish, my first post had horrendous photos of this beautiful polish, so I'm calling a do-over.

Cult Nails My Kind of Cool Aid is a lavender grey creamy polish with subtle shimmer. I adore this shade, it's pretty unique although a little similar to Rescue Beauty Lounge's Insouciant that came out early this year. It's opaque and perfect in two coats.

I decided to put a coat of Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure over it and it was AWESOME. Love this combo! The lamp light turns the purple more vivid than the shots above, haha.

I love Cult Nails, the owner is Maria from R3Daily in case you are new to the scene. She is a good friend and I finally get to meet her this year at CosmoProf in Las Vegas! Can't wait :) Her and a bunch of other blogging friends and I are all getting together to nosh and gab sometime during the week of the convention. Super excited and can't wait!


  1. That really is beautiful. With and without the HT. Gorgeous.

  2. Is there anything Hidden Treasure doesn't work with?? ;) That is a beautiful color, that Cool Aid!

  3. OH, I think I like the version without the hidden treasure more - that colour is gorgeous.

  4. That combo is absolutely incredible. Wow.

  5. The polish alone is gorgeous, but with Hidden Treasure, it's just amazing!

    I've had HT for a while, but I've never used it. I have it sitting on my vanity like it's an Oscar or something. I don't want to use it all, because I don't know if I'll be able to find another!

  6. Kellie these are great swatches! I bought this polish, and the other Cult Nails polishes, after reading and seeing swatches on your blog. So thank you for that! (my wallet, not so much on the "thank you" LOL!!) Anyway, I love it even more with HT! Great post! :)

  7. Wowzers! They both look stunning!

  8. Um, I don't think you have any horrendous swatches/photos on your blog. I seriously live in envy of your swatch photos.

    I love this polish and RBL may have a look-a-like, but I think Maria did it first!!

  9. So so so so nice! Wow, I really love this shade. I've never seen this brand in the UK though, must get hunting for it!x


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