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Friday, June 10, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Lacquers: Swatches & Review

Happy Friday to all, I am glad the week is over *phew* It's been a rather stressful and dorky few days for me. In case you haven't noticed, or are reading this by email or via feed, I have a new site design! Yes, I am very classy and important ;)

Today I have to show you the MAC Surf Baby nail polishes, which I admit I bought half because I like the colors and half because I adore the special packaging. (I forgot to take pictures of the awesome-sauce boxes though, duh doi, what was I thinking *face, palm*) With the extra prettyness though comes an extra $1.50 added on to the price per polish though. Oh well, 'tis the price we pay for goodies sometimes.

Hangin' Loose is described as a dirty pink nude. I see it as a fleshy peach nude with gorgeous shimmer that is very wearable, at least for me. The formula on this is lovely though slightly sheer. I was able to get this opaque in three carefully placed coats.

And you know they needed more color in there, so Ocean Dip is a mid-tone crème aqua turquoise. I can't find an exact dupe for this in my collection but there are a few that come close. Most of its sisters pull either too blue or too green. I find this a lovely edition to my stash. The formula was rather thin and watery, but it evened out at three coats.

You can buy these online at or at your local MAC counter, while supplies last as they are limited edition, for $15 each.

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