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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Zoya Touch Collection: Swatches & Review

Zoya has a new three piece collection called Touch, which includes three opaque, pearly nude lacquers. These shades were inspired by New York fashion runway looks and they definitely remind me of luxe fabrics and expensive threads.

First up is Minka, a beautiful, Russian sounding name eh? This is a pale beige nude with yellow undertones. Yikes, this does not look good on me. I'm sure it would be fine on another skin tone but on my olive skin it just doesn't work. This was pretty thick, but that of course helps to make it cover in fewer coats which is rare for a nude. I used a topcoat in all of these photos as they don't dry particularly shiny.
Now this is more like it. Pandora is definitely more "Kellie-friendly" haha. This is a pink beige nude with mauve undertones. I quite like this baby, it's la la lovely. This is also two coats, it was also thick but not as much as Minka. The topcoat really brings out that dash of pearl shimmer; it adds some sass to the nude look.
Shay is one that gave me some troubles applying, this is my second go at swatching it. I kept fudging up the first time so I gave up and went at it again the next day. I think the thickness is what did it, but this try was easier and as you can see, produced a nice result. This nude is peachy with orange-ish undertones, suited to warm skin tones.
Do you like this collection or is it too simple for you? I like to wear nudes every so often so I like finding a good one. The point of this collection is to find a flattering nude hue that suits you, so you don't necessarily have to have the entire collection.

You can purchase the Touch collection at as well as their hundreds of other colors. They retail for $8 a bottle. The best thing about Zoya? They don't discontinue their colors. GENIUS.

Products provided for review.
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