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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lumos Top and Bottom Coat Review

If you are anything like me, you are always in search of the best. Especially when it comes to nails and products to put on them. I am on a, seemingly endless, search for the perfect top and base coat. I recently read a review on my girl Charlotte's blog Lipglossiping about a new top coat called Lumos High Speed that she quoted as being "better than Seche Vite", so 'natch I had to check it out.

The company that makes the Lumos duo, High Speed Top Coat and Instant Impact Bottom Coat is called Famous Names LLC run by Jim and Linda Nordstrom formerly of Creative Nail Design. Linda is really amazing to speak with and they are both ridiculously knowledgeable in the field of nail care.
I have been using this top and base coat for more than a month and have some big likes and some interesting observations. The base coat is really fabulous. It is the best stain blocking base I've ever used. I have tried all the notorious polishes that always stain my nails and this baby prevented them every time. I'm sold on this. It's not really rubberized feeling, or anything but it dries like, instantly. It also helps my polish wear longer which is lovely as I've become a little lazy on occasion these days and have been sporting a mani for days longer than usual.

The top coat is hit or miss however. I have always felt that body chemistry has a lot to do with whether nail treatments mesh with someone or not so I'm not going to completely write this off. It's much better as a nail refresher, for my personal preference. It doesn't dry as fast on me as Seche or Poshe but it does work similarly. It's applied to wet polish, and it glides nicely without dragging. Best of all-it doesn't get thick in the bottle like they do. And it lasts and lasts and lasts. It looks like I haven't used any of it yet I've been dipping into it daily since I received it. It's hard to describe the problems I had with it really, sometimes it wouldn't dry all the way and I would get sheet marks or dents. Sometimes I could see the brush marks from the topcoat which was weird because you apply it generously like Seche, also it wouldn't be shiny, like it would dry satiny? Very interesting. But other times it would be just fine and dandy and shiny as a star. So...yeah like I said, hit or miss.

I love the brush type that the products have, it's the double brush style that feels so luxe. It may seem incidental but it really does matter. A good brush is important! I recently tried out a new brand of polish and every single one of their brushes were wonky and frayed. These were really lovely and dense but not too thick or firm. The bottle cap is that lovely matte satin type, ooh la la. Kinda like Cheeky Monkey if you've tried them. I appreciate those little details, you know they took their time designing their bottles.

The Famous Names website and their partner in the UK, Sweet Squared only sell to licensed professionals. If you would like to get these in your hot little hands and you don't happen to be a professional, please ask your nail techs to use them or if you have a friend that is a licensed tech, to purchase them for you. Psst...I've also seen a few sets on Ebay. Take care friends, hope you enjoy your Thursday!

Products provided for review.
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