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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

BB Couture Rhythm and Blues Collection Part 1

Hi everyone! Happy Fourth of July my American readers, Viva USA! I have a new collection from BB Couture, Rhythm and Blues. The Rhythm part is the the regular cylindrical bottles and the Blues are in the square bottles "for men". Today I'll show you the first part of the collection, a group of six colors inspired by music. And YAY their signature blue handles are back! Their last few collections have had white or black ones. The bright blue metallic tops make me smile :)

First up is Dance. This is a lovely sky blue with super subtle glass fleck shimmer. This one was a bit thick, but not unmanageable. I have a few polishes similar but not the same. I love the shimmer flecks! This is two coats.

Next is Frequency, a surprising combo of light mustardy yellow and hot pink shimmer. I love BB Couture because this is something so unexpected but totally expected for this subversive brand. They are not afraid of doing unique! This was a bit harder to work with than I would like, it was streaky so I recommend painting slowly and with care. This is three thicker coats.

Here is Pattern, a pastel peach with a mod feel. I have never been lucky enough to have this type of color look good on me but this one almost works with my skin tone! I think it's the whitewashed base. This one was also streaky and thick unfortunately. This is four coats.

This is Tempo, another bright white based color, this time in pastel spring green. It reminds me of a kitchen mixer from the 50's. This one also has a thicker formula, but it wasn't quite as difficult as Pattern to apply. I love how this color pops against my tan! Three coats.

Beat is really something. I absolutely ADORE this shimmery green. Now this is a true "mint" green in my opinion, reminds me of a delicious mint chocolate candy or something. I don't own anything close to this color and I love the gossamer silver shimmer running through it. By far the best formula in the collection. Two coats.

And last is BPM, a metallic mauve pink. I can't think of anything I have that is similar, but I love it! The finish is frosty but not ugly frost, very pretty metalllic. The formula on this was thicker too and I had to take care to minimize brush strokes on application, but when it dried they weren't an issue. This is two coats.

You can get these from BB Couture and Overall Beauty for $10.95 each. They are all lovely colors, most of them quite unique. I do wish the formulas on a few were better. The stand outs for me are really Frequency, BPM, and Beat. What do you think of these?

P.S. how do you like my new watermark?

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