Thursday, July 19, 2012

Deborah Lippmann - Believe

I have a beautiful metallic lacquer to show you today. Deborah Lippmann created this polish with the inimitable Cher! This excerpt from an interview with Deb explains the story behind the polish: "I was doing Cher’s nails for her tour and she had been layering four colors to achieve a look she had in mind. We were waiting forever between coats, so I said, maybe we should put this entire concept into one bottle. That’s how “Believe” was born. The color is silver and gold. It’s fantastic onstage and goes with everything she wears."

I freaking LOVE this color. It's not thick and gritty like super metallics can be, it applies as smooth as a crème. The color is rather unique, a warm toned silver/gold hybrid with the slightest teeniest glint of pink (I'm talking almost invisible, but I swear to Cthulhu it's there!). This is two coats. This is amazing, pictures do it no justice. Plus it's so wearable!

I got this from a swap a while ago (I think haha), it's an older "edition" because new bottles say "Deborah Lippmann" on the bottle and this says "Lippmann Collection". But it was re-released in one of two sets that Lippmann collaborated on with Juicy Couture during last year's holiday season that included two new polishes. I would've loved to have gotten that set, called Precious Metals, as it contained a gorgeous metallic pewter called Jewel in the Crown, but if I recall they were kind of expensive. If you have it and don't like it, send it to me! :D Anyway you can purchase Believe from for $16. RUN don't walk and get this gorgeous babe!

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