Monday, July 16, 2012

Lush Lacquer - Slime Time

Hiiiii there and hello :) I have another beautiful nail polish to show you today, an indie polish from Lush Lacquer called Slime Time. I really love unexpected glitters and this polish really takes chances. This has "a very bright neonish green base with a great mixture of glitter... iridescent small glitters and white and gold squares are used throughout. It also has blue and green glitter that make it vibrant." I freaking love the square glitter.

These indie polishes tend to be on the thick side normally. I would say this is a good two coats overall, using the dab method. This is my favorite of the three Lush Lacquer polishes I have and if I used polish more than once, I would consider buying a full size bottle. You can buy this from their etsy store, minis are $4.75 (though it looks like you can only buy two or more at a time of those) and full size bottles are $8.75. Shipping does take longer than I would like, but I can be understanding when it's from indie sellers as they're usually one/two person operations. What do you think of this slimer?

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