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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pink, Berry, and Coral Red

It's no secret that I love pinks. There's something about that salmon hue that I just adore. Dark pink, neon, corals, berry tints, I don't know, those blush colored lacquers just call to me. Out of my four helmers, my pink drawers carry the most polishes. Here is one of the newest pinks I have, Temptation from Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure line. It's a shade from the Spring Tracy Reese line. I would describe it as salmony coral pink crème. This is two coats.

A variation of pink is berry. This is Torrid Bloom, an older Sally Hansen polish also designed by Tracy Reese. This came out in Fall 2008. I saw a swatch of this on a blog back when I first started blogging, but for the life of me I can't remember which one it was, and I've wanted it ever since. I scored it in a swap a while ago :D This is two coats. The formula is thin and kind of a weird texture, almost like vinyl. Oh well, I freaking love this.

This isn't necessarily a pink shade, it's more in the red family. However, if you asked me my favorite shade of polish EVER? It would be coral. This is Eyeko Coral Polish "For Resort Nails". I love this orangey red crème. It really flatters my skintone and applies like a dream. This is two coats. I know Eyeko doesn't have nail polish on their website for purchase right now, but I hope they get back in the lacquer game one day.

What is your favorite shade of polish? The one (or three haha) colors that you find yourself buying over and over. Le sigh. I hope I get some sunshine here soon for swatching. I have lots of new polishes to show you! Stay tuned for the China Glaze On Safari collection, BB Couture's 6 Shades of Grey collection, and lots of indie glitters :)

Some of the products in this post were provided for review.
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