Saturday, July 7, 2012

Nails Inc. - Baker Street

Hi friends! Today I have for you a polish that I got more compliments on the day I wore it than I have on one in a long time. Most people who know me tend to recognize my finger flair, but there are those who are just never going to care as much. This is one that I swear 80% of the people I came around that day asked me what I was wearing. The color is Nails Inc. Baker Street. It really was on trend this year, especially after Beyonce was seen sporting the color after the birth of her child, fittingly named Blue haha.

This one is a buttery crème that practically applies itself, in a rich jewel tone cobalt blue. And it is BRIGHT! I really adore this. I got the "Crystal Colour" version with the jeweled top because it was on sale on, otherwise I would've gotten the regular one. But I have to say, the glamour girl in me just ooh'd and ahh'd when I saw the crystals! This swatch is two coats. Amazing. Must have.

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