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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

FingerPaints Summer In the City Collection

Yay! New FingerPaints :) This is the new Summer in the City collection from Sally Beauty brand polish, FingerPaints. 4 creams, a shimmery foil and a glitter! Perfect brights for summer.

First is Flip Flop Fuchsia, a bright pink fuchsia cream. Thicker but still pretty easily applied. Two coats.

Here is Sexy Sundress, a yellow toned green. Similar to a few we've seen lately, like OPI Did It On 'Em. On the thick side, two coats.

Here is Movie in the Park, a lightly tinted purple base with purple, pink and blue microglitter. Nice coverage for a straight glitter! This is three coats.

Toe-teally Hot is another color we've seen a lot of this year, it's a bright, but not too bright, teal cream. Two coats.

This is Beach Bound, a grape purple cream. Nice addition to this collection, very wearable. Two coats.

And last is Late Night Rendez-vous, a metallic foily ocean blue. This is close to Orly Halley's Comet/OPI Catch Me In Your Net, but without the green leanings. Three coats here.

When I got these, they weren't packed very well so half of them had leaked out all over the others :( Oh well, I was able to salvage them with minimal damage! FingerPaints are sold separately for $4.99 and are available exclusively at Sally Beauty stores and on

Products provided for review.
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