Wednesday, July 11, 2012

OPI - Dazzled by Gold

Hi folks! I wanted to show you the mani I wore for my birthday this year, one of my all time favorite polishes, OPI Dazzled by Gold. It was an Ulta Exclusive for Holiday 2009. I had picked it up on a whim at the time, not fully grasping the rarity that it would gather at the time. It is a very sought after polish with lacquerheads so I feel lucky to have it.

This polish has that awesome foil/glitter finish that is so awesome, it's like the glitter pieces are pounded into flecks that meld together in the polish. The rich gold color is simply gorgeous, not that it's hard to get me to love a gold polish haha! There are actually two shades of gold in this, one more copper and one almost champagne. I've posted about this one in the past, but it was back when my pictures were horrific so I won't link to it. This is three coats.

Anyway, yeah this polish makes me happy and I LOVE GOOOOOOLD! Have a nice day :)

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