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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sheswai - f*ckyeah

Sheswai has come out with a brand new limited edition nail polish color for summer. This color is named something explicit so fair warning, if profanity offends you, please stop reading this post.

It is with a smile and a wink-of-the-eye that we happily introduce the newest addition to our Sheswai collection of lacquers.
The tones in this color are hard to describe but rest assured once this sexy magenta-fuschia-violet surprise hits your tips you’ll be saying…fuckyeah.

This is a fabulous vividly bright purple polish that is perfect for summer. The name itself is really reason enough for me to own it. I have a bit of a sailor mouth so it cracks me up. I also just really like the polish, this brand has a great ideology and the bottle design is amazing. The color applies really nicely and it's opaque in one coat, though I used two here. I also applied a topcoat as it dries a bit matte.

This is available now at (as long as supplies last) for $16. What do you think of this saucy lady? I know some of you gals will be getting it just for the name :D Oh yeah, hope you don't mind my ultra-nubbins. I had just shortened them and then proceeded to break a nail. I can't stand my nails being different lengths, so chop chop! Hope you have a great weekend all!

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