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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bring It Back 2012 Rescue Beauty Lounge - Part 2

Earlier this year Rescue Beauty Lounge had their "Bring It Back" event and brought some polishes back from retirement. I showed you half of them in this post, and now here are the rest!

Here is my most anticipated BIB polish, Insouciant. This is a moody dark dusty lavender with a soft glaze of iridescent aqua and violet shimmer. I used two coats here. Lovely and sophisticated but still a little rock n' roll. One of my favorite RBLs ever.

This guy is called Opaque Nude, an uber nude. The base is tinted pink rather than beige and unlike other pink nudes, is actually quite flattering on my skin tone. Amazingly opaque, only took me two coats and leveled out nicely. A winner for sure!

Recycle is the last color that RBL brought back this year. A true classic shade, and one of the first I fell in love with from the line. A deep and lush forest green crème. Incredibly pigmented and so deep. I love that this is noticeably green, not black looking as some dark crèmes can be. Two perfect coats.

You can get these and other Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes on their website for $20 each. They have some awesome things planned for this coming year, I can tell you that! Keep up with the owner, the inimitable Ji Baek, on her blog and her tumblr for all the latest scoop. Cheers to a great 2013!

Products provided for review.
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