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Saturday, January 12, 2013

LVX Summer 2012

I learned about new brand LVX (pronounced lūx) last year from founder and creative director Branka. She told me about the line and how her colors were inspired by the height of vogue in runway fashion. I was of course intrigued and just had to try them. This is their freshman collection released for Summer 2012.

Callais is an opaque pastel blue. Very mod yet maintains a softness. Two coats.

Ecru is a pale opaque pink peachy nude. A basic color but lovely! This is two coats.

Livid is a jet black cream. Uber shiny. Two coats here. This is round two, as I had some bubbling issues, but I blame that on the environment when I was swatching rather than the polish.

Primrose is a bright pastel yellow. Much more vivid than I expected and a lovely formula. Yellows are notoriously hard to apply but this one was a breeze. Two coats.

Vermillion is a tangerine red jelly cream. Wow. Love this. Just enough orange to make the red playful and juicy looking. Two coats.

LVX polish is available online for $16 for a 17 mL bottle, larger than the average polish at 15 mL. This brand is 5-Free and made right here in the USA. Have you tried LVX or is this the first you've heard of them? I have a feeling they might become a heavy hitter in the high end polish market. Quality is their goal and they surpassed my expectations with this collection.

Products provided for review.
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