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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Two Autumn Manicures

Autumn?! Uhh, pretty sure it's winter Kel. That might be what you're thinking, but yes these are autumnal type manicures but I still wanted to show them to you cuz they're awesome. And as I frequently tell my mother, I do what I want! ;)

This is Jinx by The Hungry Asian. She came out with this close to Halloween and I snatched it right up. It's a black cream with large orange hex glitters, medium/small yellow, silver, and gold hexes, and micro orange bits. It's a fab Halloween polish. This is three coats.

Rootsy by Sheswai is a "rich, roasted caramel pumpkin" cream. I didn't like this at first but I wanted to, so I made myself wear it as a full manicure and it really grew on me. It's oddly flattering and was so in season it was ridiculous (I wore this near the middle of November). This is two coats. And I always have to mention their beautiful bottles and wooden handles. Just love!

You can buy The Hungry Asian polishes from her Etsy store for $9.25 and $4.50 for a mini. You can get Sheswai lacquers from their online store for $16.

Some of the products shown were provided for review.
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