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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Zoya Diva Collection Fall 2012

Zoya put out three collections for the Fall of 2012. I've posted on the Gloss collection, and here is number two, the Diva collection. Prepare your eyeballs for some hotness!

Daul is a violet purple jelly based uber shimmer. The shimmer is foily and chunky, like someone crushed up pale gold jewels with a hammer. It has a bit of a greenish duochrome at certain angles which I love. Looks like a few other colors that came out last year but I always say dupes are good, it allows everyone access to the beauty of a polish. A bit on the sheer side.

Elisa is a gorgeous glowing crimson red with a ember-like metallic finish. It has superfine shimmer in it, making it so deep looking. Love. Amazing formula.

FeiFei is complex. It has a lovely chunky sparkley finish and it appears to be made up of a thousand colors, for real. It appears to be a shimmery steel blue but it has gold, green, and pink iridescent bits that make it duochrome like crazy. Almost blindingly beautiful. Photos do her no justice.

Ray is incredibly beautiful. I wasn't sure I was going to like it at all at first, it looked like it was going to be a frost, but it only has a slight frostiness to it and it dries down so it looks softer. The color is a beautiful blackened evergreen. Not the most friendly formula but it's overcome easily.

Song is also gorgeous. Like ga-Ga-GORGEOUS! Incredible vibrant blue with fine bright blue smooth shimmer bits. It applies like butter.

Suri is pretty fantastic as well. It's a shimmery metallic royal purple which is super-close-to-almost-but-not-quite a frost. I don't usually love this type of purple but it is just really luxe and hot. There are teeny bits of pink, blue, and purple that flash every little while which is fun.

I have to say this collection is unbelievable. I like every one of the polishes and I'm impressed with their uniqueness. Probably close to if not my very favorite Zoya polish collection ever. You can get these on for $8 each.

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