January 6, 2013

Zoya Designer Collection Fall 2012

Here is the third collection Zoya came out with for Fall 2012, the Designer collection. I showed you the Gloss collection and the Diva collection previously.

Evvie is a dark smoky grey cream with strong teal green undertones. I think this is very sophisticated. I wish it was a tad more teal but it's lovely just the same.

Monica is a vibrant yet darkened medium purple cream with a shiny finish. I like it and find it interesting in that it's so bright despite it's boldness.

Natty is a smokey darkened steel blue. Very wearable and reminds me of a nicely worn-in pair of jeans. The name however reminds me of a cheap and disgusting beer I drank way too much of in high school.

Noot is (seriously? with these names?) an uber smokey grey cream with an earthy clay-like green tint. Like Evvie, I wish this had more of a green pull to it but I still like it. Another tres chic choice.

Rekha is a beautiful bright cherry red glossy cream. Tart and sexy but still swank and elegant.

Toni is described as a muted oxblood with purple tones, a bit on the raisin side. This one could've used an extra coat I think, I can see patches. It's a very "fall" color.

You can get these on Zoya.com for $8 each. Which of the three collections from Zoya's 2012 Fall offerings did you like the best? Mine is pretty obviously the Diva collection. I really do appreciate these though, it's a great collection of solid creams which, let's face it, everyone needs.

Products provided for review.


  1. Noot is almost certainly named for this gorgeous model! http://nymag.com/fashion/models/nseear/nootseear/ Love her!

    1. oh wow, never knew about her! thanks :)

  2. I love Evvie!!!!

    kisses :)

  3. I love your swatches! They are immaculate and I can always trust the color! I'm so so happy you are able to post more often these days!

    1. *blushes* thanks so much dear, i too am very happy to be posting more! glad to have you as a reader!

  4. Beautiful swatches - I love each and every one of these shades and own them all ;-)

  5. Ha! I'm wearing Evvie right now - I love it - tres chic!

  6. Oh man, I assume you're referring to Natty Light (Natural Light). My mom always used to drink that!


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