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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

GlitterDaze - My White Lighter + Comparison

GlitterDaze is an indie nail polish company that puts out really cool glitter polishes. They have some new duochrome polishes coming out; I actually won the whole collection on a FB giveaway so I will be showing those as soon as I get them.

This polish is called My White Lighter. It's really beautiful and it glows in the dark! I didn't realize that when I picked it out, I just thought it was pretty and I wanted to try out a new brand. Its white base is glow in the dark and the glitters are different sizes of sky blue. This photo was taken a while ago so I can't recall the number of coats I used unfortunately.

The consistency is quite thick and gooey, I'm guessing due to its glow in the dark properties. I thinned this out a lot before I was able to get it to apply well and even. I read on the website they actually recommend to layer this over white to get a stronger glow and maybe that would help with the application. I'll have to try that next time. I did get a nice glow just wearing it out in the sun for a few minutes to "charge" it, evidenced in the photo below.

After I got My White Lighter, I realized that it looked similar to another polish I had gotten recently called Expecto Patronum by Dollish Polish. I had wanted it for a long time and was finally able to snag it, it was selling out every time it went on sale. Here's a little comparison of the two for you.
As you can see the blue in Expecto Patronum is more sparse and is teal rather than light blue. The base in EP is also more of a cream and in My White Lighter it's thinner and jellyish.

You can buy GlitterDaze polishes on their website and their Etsy store for $11 for a full size and $6 for mini bottles. Dollish Polish is sold at Llarowe for $11 each, although this shade is sold out at the moment. Have you tried either of these polishes? Which would you pick? I love them both and glad I don't have to choose :)

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