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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Essie Resort 2016 Collection Swatches & Review

Hey, what's up, hello :) I hope you've been having a nice weekend my friends! I bought this mini set from Essie a while ago, their Resort collection for 2016, and I figured I would show them to you today! There are four colors in the set, influenced by "the magnificent fashion, diverse culture and sheer beauty of India."

Delhi Dance is a slightly dusty bubblegum pink crème. I usually seem to struggle with shades like this but it went on really easily and was streak-free! I needed just two coats.
Essie Delhi Dance

Going Guru is a warm spring mint green crème. There's a lot of yellow in this, different from most of the "mint" polishes in my collection. This is so my type of color, swoon! Another surprisingly great formula, though I needed three coats for this guy to cover 100%.
Essie Going Guru

Taj-Ma-Haul is a unique shade of orange, more of a pale terracotta clay. I was in love with this in the bottle and fell even harder for it when I put it on my nails. Amazing application for this one, it was almost a one coater, but I opted for two to get a little richer color payoff.
Essie Taj-Ma-Haul

Nama-Stay The Night is that sexy bright pigmented blue that everyone goes gaga for, I know I did! Absolutely wonderful to apply, almost a one coater again but I chose to do two to get the color in the bottle. I didn't wear this for long, but I didn't have any staining to speak of. However, I would recommend two coats of base and careful removal anyway just to be safe.
Essie Nama-Stay The Night

I purchased this mini set from Transdesign online, but you can also find Essie polishes in drugstores like CVS and Target, as well as Ulta. What do you think of this set? I am honestly in love! I'm looking forward to trying more Essies soon, as my tiny town is finally getting an Ulta store so the new colors will be more accessible, wahoo! Have a great day!

❤ Kellie
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