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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Native War Paints Labyrinth Collection Swatches & Review

Hey friends! I hope your week is going well! I've been a little under the weather, boo. Summer sickness might be the worst, because it's so damn hot! Today I have the Native War Paints Labyrinth collection to show you. Labyrinth is totally childhood nostalgia for me, I can remember watching it over and over with my siblings as a kid. So naturally I was excited to see colors inspired by the movie! And David Bowie is in it, so it's of course a win. Also, this year marks the 30th anniversary of the film, so it's as old as I am, yay!

You Have No Power Over Me has a silver holographic base with silver flakie shards, holo bits, and a purpley-red duochrome flash. This is pretty gorgeous, it has a very strong color flash in real life, harder to capture in a photo. Applied easily, seemed sheer on the first coat but I only needed two for full coverage.
Native War Paints You Have No Power Over Me

I Will Be There For You has a scattered holographic teal base with a pinky orangey purple duochrome flash and tiny baby microglitter. This was on the thinner side and a bit sheer, but not difficult to apply. I used three coats here but you might get away with two.
Native War Paints I Will Be There For You

Dance Magic has a scattered holographic metallic purple base with large silver flakie shards, purple flakies, and micro holo shreds. This applied nicely, it was a little thicker than the previous shades. Two coats.
Native War Paints Dance Magic

Chilly Down With The Fire Gang is a vibrant fuchsia pink metallic with pink flakies and a slight red to gold duochrome. This one felt a teeny bit gummy, but applied pretty well overall. I used two coats here. Fun fact, the song the Fire Gang sings is my favorite in the movie, and I actually knew a girl in school who looked exactly like one of them. O_O
Native War Paints Chilly Down With The Fire Gang

Bog Of Eternal Stench has a murky green gold metallic base, microglitters in various colors, and a gold-green duochrome flash. This one is the sparkliest in the collection and I love it! Easy application and opaque in two coats.
Native War Paints Bog of Eternal Stench

Sir Didymus has a vibrant blue metallic base with red, blue, and gold multichrome flakies and a slight red to blue duochrome flash. This seemed a bit runny to me, I had to make sure not to overload my brush. This is two coats.
Native War Paints Sir Didymus

Hoggle and Ludo, Friends has a glassy red base filled with multichrome flakies as well as red and bronze flakies. I found this one a little runny as well, but not terribly so. Two coats.
Native War Paints Hoggle and Ludo Friends

Goblin King has a black base filled with shifting purple flakies, multichrome flakies and a purple to blue to red duochrome flash. This obviously has the strongest duochrome effect in the collection, as they show up best against black. Easy application, two coats!
Native War Paints Goblin King

These are all available for pre-order on the Native War Paints website now for $9.50 each until July 2nd, then the price will increase a bit to $10 each when they go up as regular stock. Let me know what you think about this collection! I liked that these didn't dry as matte as most of the shades I've tried from NWP, but I'd still say you'd need top coat for them. Are you a Labyrinth fan? How about a shimmer/duochrome fan? Talk to you again soon!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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