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Monday, June 6, 2016

OPI Brights 2016: Alice Through The Looking Glass Collection Swatches & Review

OPI is celebrating the release of Disney's Alice Through The Looking Glass with a new Brights collection! The shades represent the film’s mad, crazy, wonderful characters and their latest adventures. There are eight colors in the collection and one bonus special edition shade.

Oh My Majesty! is an alabaster white shimmer with a pink/copper flash. This is a little sheer, but not terribly so. You could use two coats and still get a bit of visible nail line for a dainty, more natural look. I used three coats here for full opacity.
OPI Oh My Majesty!

Fearlessly Alice is a bright cerulean blue crème. This is super pigmented and creamy, opaque in just one coat but I used two like usual. She is a stainer though, so be prepared to use at least two coats of base to protect your nail and be careful with removal to avoid your skin.
OPI Fearlessly Alice

What's The Hatter With You? is a deep berry burgundy crème. This has a great formula, applies easily with full coverage in two coats. This isn't what I would call bright or summery, but it's still a nice staple color to have in your collection if you don't already have something similar.
OPI What's The Hatter With You?

I'm Gown For Anything! is a pale lilac leaning mauve crème. This gal was super opaque, it could be a one coater for some folks! I used two as I normally do. Maybe leans slightly thick, but pretty easy to manage.
OPI I'm Gown For Anything!

Having A Big Head Day is a flashy bright red crème. Another great formula, covers great in one coat but with full opacity in two. I personally don't need one more red crème so I was a little disappointed in this color selection for this type of collection, but you might love it!
OPI Having A Big Head Day

The I's Have It is a soft but bright powder blue crème. This one could run a tad streaky if you use a lot of pressure on application, but if you sort of float a generous coat over your nail, as I did, you can get full coverage in two coats. I don't understand the name of this polish and I don't know anyone else who does either, so if you know, would you tell me??
OPI The I's Have It

Mad For Madness Sake is a warm medium pink crème. This is bright but still kinda muted, and isn't very unique to the OPI family so this is another one I wasn't super excited to see in this collection. However, it does have a lovely formula and is opaque in two coats.
OPI Mad For Madness Sake

A Mirror Escape has a thin metallic gold base filled with chunky matte white microglitter pieces. Pretty easy to apply, opaque in three coats. I am not sure if this is intended to be a textured polish, but it dries with a good bit of it so you'll need a thick layer or two of topcoat to get it smooth. I don't care for this unfortunately, they seem to be coming out with one oddball shade in every collection they do lately. *shrug*
OPI A Mirror Escape

What Time Isn't It is being marketed as a "special edition" shade. It comes in a separate box with artwork from the movie on it. OPI describes this as a matte black with silver bar glitter. I found it to actually be a shiny grey crème, but the short silver bar glitter is definitely there. I think I am in the minority of those that enjoy bar glitters, so I like this polish but I don't know if it warrants an extra few dollars on its price tag compared with the other colors.
OPI What Time Isn't It

If you're interested in possible dupes for these colors, my friend Karen over at BeautyGeeks has a bunch of comparison photos on her review HERE. This collection is available now wherever OPI is sold, such as Ulta, Sally Beauty Supply, and professional salons, for $10 each. Special edition shade What Time Isn't It retails for $14.95.

What do you think of this collection? I do like all of the shades, save the gold which isn't my personal style, but I admit I was hoping for something a little more exciting for this collection. Especially considering how groundbreaking the first Alice collection was in 2009. What say you?

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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