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Friday, June 10, 2016

My Picks from the Orly Pacific Coast Highway & Melrose Collections

Happy Friday! It's been another crazy week for me, I'm hoping things slow down a little bit at work here soon. How has your June been going? Today I wanted to take a tiny break and show off some polishes I purchased myself. I picked up three polishes from the Orly Summer collection, Pacific Coast Highway, and one from their Spring collection, Melrose. Just a note, neons and ultra bright colors are a little hard to photograph, as I'm sure I've mentioned before. They are difficult to get fully accurate, but I tried my best. Now on to the swatches!

Road Trippin is a neon yellow crème. It's incredibly pigmented, but thick and a little goopy. I had substantial streaking with this, so I used three coats here and I was tempted to use a fourth. I had heard that this had a great formula, which is why I picked it up so I was pretty disappointed. However, I didn't need a white base to get this to glow so that might be a trade off. Or your bottle might have a better formula, haha.
Orly Road Trippin

Put The Top Down is a neon pink crème with a peach tinge. The consistency of this one was thinner than the yellow, but still thick. I needed three coats of to even out streaks. I still love it though, because WOW!
Orly Put The Top Down

Scenic Route is a bright lavender crème. This one applied really nicely and was opaque in two coats. One thing to note about all of these is that the polish was really prone to running down the brush and overloading on my nail, to avoid this I had to be sure to wipe off a good amount before I applied it.
Orly Scenic Route

Vintage is from the Melrose collection, and it's the only one that I decided I couldn't live without. It's a bright mint green crème with a really nice formula. This is two coats.
Orly Vintage

I purchased these from online e-tailer Transdesign for $4.25 each. Orly polishes are also sold at Ulta and Sally Beauty. What do you think of my picks? Did you try anything from either one of these collections? I hope you all have a great weekend! I'm going to the Pride celebration in my town this weekend and will get to see a show with drag queen Yara Sofia! I literally can't wait! What are you up to?

❤ Kellie
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