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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Zoya Summer 2016 Sunsets Collection Swatches & Review

One of the two newest Zoya collections on the scene for Summer 2016 is called Sunsets, six bright crèmes advertised as one-coaters. I've got them for you today, shall we see if they live up to the one-coat hype? Let's take a look!

Cam is a medium orange crème. I found this to be a little streaky, and I needed three coats to cover them completely. I love this tone of orange, but sad to see it was less opaque than I expected.
Zoya Cam

Liv is a mid-tone orchid-y purple crème. This was closer to being one coat, but I needed a second layer to get full coverage. I don't love this shade on me, but I know it's pretty popular.

Ness is a soft jade green crème. This had a similar formula to Liv, very close to being opaque in just one coat, but I needed a second for complete opacity. (Does anyone else think maybe they named this after the Lochness Monster?)
Zoya Ness

Brynn is a magenta pink crème. Lovely and bright, but unfortunately a little streaky. This is three coats. Not really a remarkable shade, but pretty just the same.
Zoya Brynn

Dory is a vibrant cornflower blue crème. Perfect color and aptly named, presumably, for that lil' blue fish we all know and love. This had a nice, smooth formula, but again, needed two coats for complete opacity. This also smelled a bit skunky, as some blue polishes seem to.
Zoya Dory

Dixie is described as a watermelon red crème. A fabulous formula, but two coats were still necessary to cover the nail line. This is SO my type of color, I love it!
Zoya Dixie

This collection is available now on the Zoya website for $10 each. How do you like the look of these polishes? I'm disappointed they were marketed as one-coat crèmes, which I suppose they could be if one's application differed significantly from mine, but I didn't experience them to live up to that. Had they left out the "one coat" claim, I believe I would've enjoyed them more as the formulas are pretty much on par with most of Zoya's normal crème polishes. What do you think?

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❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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