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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Different Dimension Mythical & Magical Collection Swatches & Review

I've got another some more goodies from Different Dimension for you today! This collection is called Mythical & Magical and it includes seven linear holographic shades and one glitter/crelly mix named after mysterious, otherworldly creatures! All of the holos apply the same, easy, smooth and are opaque in just two coats. They are so effortless to apply, I literally didn't need to do any clean up with my application on these! Let's take a look, yeah?

Unicorn is a silver ultra linear holographic with added purple shimmers and purple microglitters. This is more dimensional in person than I could capture in a photograph. The purple bits really give it a deep look!
Different Dimension Unicorn

Pegasus is a soft baby pink linear holographic with added color-shifting shimmers. I'm totally enamored with this rosey pink color, so gorgeous!
Different Dimension Pegasus

Dragon is described as a taupe linear holographic polish with added shimmers. I think it's got a gunmetal tinge to it as well, giving it an edge.
Different Dimension Dragon

Lochness Monster is a soft, creamy, pale green linear holographic with added shimmers. Springy and lovely!
Different Dimension Lochness Monster

Mermaid is a light blue ultra linear holographic with added green shimmers. I will never get tired of blue holos, and this one is seriously gorgeous!
Different Dimension Mermaid

Troll is described as a light yellow linear holographic polish with added shimmers. I feel as if it's slightly green and a little bit grey too, perfect type of color for the name!
Different Dimension Troll

Fairy is a lavender linear holographic polish with added color-shifting shimmers. The darker bits in this make it stand out from the others, seems like a purple version of Jack from their winter collection!
Different Dimension Fairy

Ponicorniphin is a white based crelly with added jewel-tone glitters and delicate shimmer. This is named after an inside joke of the owners, it's a combo of a pony, a unicorn, and a dolphin, which totally cracks me up! This applied nicely, not too thick and the glitters glided on the nail with ease. I used two coats here. You could also layer this over a white crème for a more opaque look, but I prefer it on it's own, so you see the depth of the layers of glitter!
Different Dimension Ponicorniphin

The full Mythical & Magical collection is available now on the Different Dimension website for $80. Individually the holos are listed at $12 and Ponicorniphin is specially priced at $5. Are you interested in any of these soft colored holos? Or is the crelly more your style? I'm in love with all of them, I'm not ashamed to say it! And if I had to pick just one magical creature, I'd definitely have to choose a pegasus haha. :) Tell me your pick, of creature and of polish color!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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