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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

KBShimmer Summer 2016 Collection Swatches & Review

Summer is almost here! And the Summer collections are rolling in, yay! Today's collection is from KBShimmer, a twelve piece collection with an array of finishes, crème, crelly, glitter, holo, shimmer, and even a few more metallic flakies! KBShimmer always blows my mind, so I was way excited to see what they had come up with for the season.

Along For The Tide is an inky cobalt blue polish jam packed with shimmery micro flecks that shift from pink to violet and blue to purple, with a linear holo finish that pops in bright light. This applied really well, opaque in just two coats. I was mesmerized by the star-like glimmer in this!
KBShimmer Along For The Tide

Don't Play Koi has a muted white crelly base with coral, aqua and grey hex glitters. I love the addition of the grey in this, unexpected and totally ties in all the colors. This was on the thin side and required a little bit of manipulation to place the glitters, not unlike most glitter crelly mixes. I got this opaque in two coats, but you may need three depending on your application style.
KBShimmer Don't Play Koi

How Low Can You Flamingo? is a shocking pink crème, it's being marketed as an "almost neon" but I would go right ahead and call this a neon! Easy peasy formula, dreamy in two coats.
KBShimmer How Low Can You Flamingo?

Neon Me has a muted white crelly base full of small circle glitters and microglitters in a rainbow of neon shades. Same type of formula as Koi, thin, with some glitter placement. I went ahead and used three coats for complete coverage on this guy.
KBShimmer Neon Me

Ready For A Good Lime is a pastel lime green crème. This was easy to apply, better than almost any type of bleached neon I've tried! Two coats for full opacity. My camera had a hissy fit with this color and made my skin look a little odd here haha. Neons, amirite?!
KBShimmer Ready For A Good Lime

Good Reef! is a light peachy coral pink filled with blue and pink shimmer that pops in certain lights. This one was pretty sheer on the first coat, and doesn't self level very well. I needed three coats to cover the streaks and make it opaque. KBShimmer recommends applying two normal/thin coats and one thicker coat. This also dries semi-dull so you'll want a topcoat for shine. The formula isn't the worst I've tried and I like this color enough to deal with it, but it might deter some.
KBShimmer Good Reef!

Suit The Breeze is a periwinkle blue in the same type of style as Good Reef, with shimmery pink and violet micro flake shimmer. This applied muuuuch better though, opaque and even in just two coats, but you may want three if you are a stickler for thin coats. This one also dries on the dull side.
KBShimmer Suit The Breeze

Mai Tai One On is a soft lemonade yellow with tons of yellow gold and soft green shimmer. Another one in the style of Good Reef, with a better formula. However, since this is a pale yellow, I did need three coats for opacity. The shimmer in this one just screams "summer" to me!
KBShimmer Mai Tai One On

Playing With The Buoys is a soft, pastel sage with mint hues and blue undertones. Applied like an absolute dream and was opaque in two coats. This type of color just hits me straight through the heart, love!
KBShimmer Playing With The Buoys

One Night Sand is a metallic flake finish polish, same style as the polishes in their Birthstone collection that came out a few months ago. The color is a near copper, rose gold with added pops of holographic. Amazing formula, easy and opaque in two coats. I love that the flakes lie flat so they aren't textured!
KBShimmer One Night Sand

Gull, Get Real! is another metallic flake polish, this one is a light, grey toned purpley-blue. Same great formula, two coats for full coverage. It's so funny, I had really recently purchased two flake polishes in a rose gold and a rich purpley-blue from a different brand, and it looks like maybe I should've waited because this one and One Night Sand are so similar to those! Serves me right I guess haha.
KBShimmer Gull, Get Real!

That's Nude To Me is a beige, pink toned nude subtle linear holographic. This is a perfect summer neutral! Looks more shimmery indoors and has a great holo effect in bright light. Great application, opaque for me in just two coats.
KBShimmer That's Nude To Me

This collection will go on sale June 1st at 9am EST on the new & improved KBShimmer website. All the polishes are $9.25. They will also be available on Harlow & Co. for you international peeps!

So what do you think? Do you spot any must-haves? My favorites are Don't Play Koi, One Night Sand, and Suit The Breeze! Are you looking forward to summer? I'm a June baby so that'll be fun, but I prefer Autumn and Winter to be honest haha. I am excited to have lots of sun to be able to swatch more on the weekends though!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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