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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Girly Bits Sweet Nothings Collection Swatches & Review

Hey folks, today I have the Girly Bits Sweet Nothings collection, a top coat, and one bonus shade to share with you today! I have only tried a few polishes from them in the past so I was really stoked to be able to review a full collection for you on my blog! This 7 piece collection was inspired by sweet French Macarons, and their delicate texture.

Mon Chéri is a mid tone blush pink crelly that leans slightly peach, with peach and gold shimmer and platinum silver shimmer. This applied easily and went on smooth and streak-free. I used two coats here for full opacity.
Girly Bits Mon Cheri

Mon ChouChou is a mid tone lilac crelly, with pink and blue shimmer, and platinum silver shimmer. This one seemed a bit sheer on one coat so depending on your application you may need three coats, as I did. Even though it was less opaque than Mon Cheri, it flowed onto the nail nicely and was not streaky.
Girly Bits Mon Chou Chou

Mon Petit Canard is a pastel yellow crelly, with copper and platinum silver shimmer. This one was a tad streaky, but really minimally. I used three coats on this guy for full coverage. I'm a sucker for soft yellows so this is so cute to me!
Girly Bits Mon Petit Canard

Bleu de tes Yeux is a sky blue crelly with blue and platinum silver shimmer. Same formula as Mon Cheri, no streaks and opaque in two coats. I love the little flecks of darker blue in this, it makes it very dimensional!
Girly Bits Bleu de tes Yeux

J’ai Besoin de Toi is a light, almost dusty, sage green crelly with platinum silver shimmer. This was similar to the yellow shade, slightly streaky, but I would still classify this as a having a good formula. I used two layers here, but it you do thinner coats, you may need three.
Girly Bits J’ai Besoin des Toi

Bonbon D’Amour is an opaque white crelly with a mix of neon circle glitter, smaller pastel glitter, and purple metallic flakes. The base of this had a lovely consistency, not too thick or thin with good pigmentation. I used two coats and needed some placement to get the glitters to lay in a pleasing way on my nail, which is pretty typical for these type of crelly glitters. You'll want a layer of thick top coat to get a smooth finish, but probably just one.
Girly Bits Bonbon D’Amour

Tarte au Sucre is a real stunner! It's a lilac microglitter accented with silver holographic, red shimmer and multi colored iridescent glitter pieces. I found this to have excellent coverage, needing only two coats for full opacity. Dries gritty so you will need one or two layers of a thick top coat for smoothness. The iridescent glitters really POP in lower lights, but I didn't get a good picture of it in the shade, unfortunately. Just take my word for it ;)
Girly Bits Tarte au Sucré

I used their Glitter Glaze top coat over Tarte au Sucre. This top coat is a quick drying glossy top coat with a slightly thicker viscosity than their regular top coat formula, What A Rush, and is designed for smoothing out glitter or textured polishes. This applied well and dried quickly. Upon full dry down over the glitter, I did still feel minimal "bumps" but they were not rough to the touch, if that makes sense. I would probably still layer one more coat to get a completely smooth surface, at least over the glitter I tried it with.
Girly Bits Glitter Glaze
Image via Girly Bits Cosmetics

And the bonus shade, Razzle Dazzle 2.0, is a re-launch of the original, first release in 2011. It is a raspberry scattered holographic microglitter with pops of copper, blue and deep pink in a sheer fuchsia jelly base. This can be layered or used by itself. I built it up here in three coats. There is still slight "gaps" where you can see the base of your nail, so if that bothers you I would layer it over a similarly colored raspberry polish. This is very blingy!
Girly Bits Razzle Dazzle 2.0

The Sweet Nothings collection, top coat and Razzle Dazzle 2.0 are available on the Girly Bits website now for $12.91 USD each. Please be aware that they ship from Canada, in case you are located in another country. What do you think of these? My favorites are Mon Cheri, J'ai Besoin des Toi and Tarte au Sucré. But I really enjoyed all of them! Have you tried Girly Bits yet?

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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