Friday, November 27, 2009

essie risky business

i really enjoy essie polishes. i love cremes so that's probably why haha. they rarely step out of their little creme box. but when they do, i feel like they really knock something loose and cool. like...ever heard of starry starry night? well I HAVE! haha for instance, this jelly electric orangey/red called risky business, is far from your typical essie varnish. it's super shimmery! it's a JELLY! it's awesomely pigmented. and it's totally fun. and it's not pink. are you suuuuure it's an essie? yup pretty sure! haha, i love the little essie bottle, so sophisticated and clean. so i'm a sucker for them. and i am a sucker for risky business. this is 3 coats & no topcoat. i love it!
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