Tuesday, November 10, 2009

tagged: sugar doll award

the adorable caitlin bananas tagged me for this sugar doll award, what a sweetie! thanks !♥

here are 10 things i want to do in my lifetime:
  1. be in a movie, even if it's just as an extra (which it probably will be haha!)
  2. go to Italy, Greece, France, Spain, etc. all the European countries
  3. learn to scuba dive, after i get over my fear of being underwater that is...
  4. design my own nail polish color (stole that one caitlin!)
  5. learn another language, maybe two
  6. live for at least a year in England
  7. get married
  8. learn to cook, not just microwave stuff
  9. buy my mom a house out in the country
  10. become an avid gardener

    i tag:
    iceomatic's nails
    have fun :D


  1. ahhh you really don't wanna live in england for a year, its the most boring place on earth :}
    congrats on the blog award xo

  2. Thanks friend! :)

    I would buy your nail polish color. :) What would it look like?

  3. haha jess, really? i'm pretty much fascinated by all things British :D it probably has a lot to do with my harry potter obsession...haha

    hmmm, liz well if you're gonna put me on the spot haha i have no CLUE what my polish would look like, but i know that it would have some sort of flakies in it and possibly be a shade of yellow or orange? oh goodness i better get to work haha ;)

  4. I also wanna learn to cook! Pretty much the only thing I can successfully cook that doesn't involve a microwave or toaster oven is eggs. hahahah.


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