Sunday, November 22, 2009

zoya evangeline

this is one of the zoya's my sister clarrisa got from the twitter get 3 free promotion that zoya did a million years ago. evangeline is a BEAUTIFUL deep berry shade with gold sparkle. i tend to like any pink/red with gold in it. this is no exception. very sexy i think.

i hope everyone's weekend went well :) i spent mine sleeping and doing homework. oh joy oh rapture! p.s. how do you like my new blog header? courtesy of miss caitlin bananas :D ciao bellas!


  1. That is a beautiful berry color! I love it!

  2. Wauw I really like that one.. I think I might need to order that one :P
    And yout headers is so cute :D love it :)

  3. that's lovely on you! evangeline's been sitting in my untrieds foreverrrr - you're making me want to break it out soon!

  4. Love your new header. Very appropo. Evangeline is really a fantastic shade on you. I'll have to see if I have this one. Don't have this so I'll have to add it to the list.

  5. That is a gorgeous polish! I will really have to buy that one! They sell Zoya at my grocery store, (Nugget,) which admittedly is pretty lucky. I will check for this one the next time I'm there.

  6. asami, they sell zoya at your grocery store?! LUCKY duck!

  7. Ohhhh pretty! Looks perfect for the holidays. I sadly don't have any zoya polishes. D:

    And I'm so glad that you like your blog header!

  8. Love the pretty sparkles! I think Evangeline is my untrieds too, time to dig it out.

  9. i love ZOYA i like that it doesnt have all those harsh chemicals in it! I adore that color and i think i must get it!
    love your blog im your newest follower!

    i also run a blog,please have a look and follow too i think you might like it


    amanda :)


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