Monday, November 9, 2009

china glaze wagon trail

does anyone remember that awful game we used to play in grade school "the oregon trail"? if you went to grade school in the 90's, then you probably know what i'm talking about. that's the first thing that came to my mind when i heard about this cult phenomenon of a nail polish color. china glaze's wagon trail is a dark olive green shade from the rodeo diva collection.

at first, i was all, wha what whaat? how can everyone love a dark olive green color so much? and i have to be honest, the pictures i saw were not doing it any favors. but then i stumbled across scrangie and e-polish's sites and they of course loved it too. and their pictures finally did the polish the justice it so rightfully deserves. in fact, the entire rodeo diva collection is a huge win in my book. there is not one color in there that i wouldn't wear twice, three times over again.
wagon trail is gorgeous, deep, dark, and hued to perfection. there is just the right amount of green/gold shimmer in it to keep one's eyes flickering down to it in the sun and dark enough to qualify it as dark and punky/goth/vampy which i love. how did i ever doubt you, dear? the above is 2 coats, no topcoat, flash.


  1. All of my friends remember playing the Oregon Trail in elementry school, and always bring it up! It is somehow blocked from my memory though o.o, ahaha. Anyway I've NEVER seen this color before, and I think I'm in love. It looks great on your nails! I've been looking for the perfect shimmery olivey color, I think Mac has one? Dry Martini I think it's called...this one looks even prettier though! I wish this polish was still avalible in stores ,I don't ever remember seeing this collection at my sally's or Ulta. I hate ordering nail polish from the internet for some reason, aha!

    And also, I tagged you with an award in my blog post!

  2. Wow, that's gorgeous! I really want it.

  3. Kellie I don't know the game. I must be older than dust! I love this polish. Olive Green is such a fantastic shade. I love it for eye shadow also.

  4. Your photos are awesome! I had my post on Wagon Trail go out on Sunday. Love this polish so much!!

    Oh, and that game never made it to the UK!

  5. I totally remember Oregon Trail! If I recall correctly; I was really good at it! Love this color on you!

  6. Great photos!This is one of my favourite polishes, I've also bought Mac Seriously Hip which is a close dupe, I just can't help it when it comes to daks olive greens!

  7. caitlin - haha don't worry, i would block it from my memory if i could too ;) j/k it was kinda fun if i remember correctly haha. mac's dry martini looked cool to me too, but for some reason i passed on it. i used to hate ordering polish online too, but i've eased into it. i just have to be careful not to go overboard haha!

    asami - you should totally get it! it's a polish fiend must have :)

    lucy - haha no, dear i really can't believe you are older than dust! my 28 yr old cousin didn't know about it so that gives you a little leeway haha ;)

    helen - thanks! i just saw your post and it looks great on your long beautiful nails :)

    gildedangel - yay 90's nostalgia! haha i remember dying a lot in the game. i always liked it in class when we got to pick our "families" and i got to be "married" to cute boys :D

    katie - yes! i was trying to think of the polish that is close to this one, thanks for reminding me about seriously hip! how could i forget?? i LOVE that one. in fact, i think i will have that as my next NOTD :) yesss olive green does = love

  8. Very pretty pics, I'd get WT if I didn't already have it!


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