November 26, 2009

essie wife goes on

happy thanksgiving! and to those who don't celebrate, happy black friday eve!

i got this essie at trade secret in a discount bin. it was one i had been eye-ing for a while, mostly because i thought the name was funny--wife goes on. it is from the "staring over" collection, which essie put out as a "salute" to the independent woman? i guess celebrating divorce. comment haha. anywaaaays, it is a pretty watermelon-ish berry color that leans on the red side. essie's website says this is "a bold true red" but i have to disagree with them on that one, because a true red IMO isn't as pink as this baby looks to me but meh whatev. i'll have to do a comparison of this and essie's watermelon soon. it is a little darker on the nail than it looks in the bottle if you notice, which i find interesting. this is two coats (very opaque and non streaky) and no topcoat.
what is everyone doing today? i'm in nevada with my family soaking up some love and R&R :) and of course, stuffing my face! is anyone going shopping tomorrow? if you are have fun and stay safe! i'm hoping to have my sister back home get me a new camera on sale. maybe you'll be seeing some better pics on Also Known As soon! take care sweets ♥


  1. It's the kind of color that can cheer you up if you're in a bad mood, very pretty!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you :)

  2. I love this color ! Looks so pretty on you !

    Happy thanksgiving darling :-)

  3. That is a gorgeous color on you! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  4. looks great on you and I agree with you the name's hilarious

  5. I love the name and the color is so glowy!

  6. I gave you an award in my blog

  7. Really cute and fun color. :)

  8. This sure doesn't look like blood red to me. It's a beautiful shade on you.


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