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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


kreativ blogger award!

haha didn't i just say in my last post i was peeved about using the letter "k" instead of "c" in words when "c" is correct?? well i temporarily take it back in the case of this award :) the magic maid herself, miss nicole tagged me with this award. the rules are: tell 7 facts and tag 7 blogs. okey dokey here we go!
  1. i hiccup at least 20 times a day. i don't know why. and they are usually singular hiccups. or at the most maybe 5 in a row. it's a curse.
  2. my secret (well not anymore hehe) dream is to become an opera singer. i would rock those arias. except i don't know italian. damn.
  3. i have a small obsession with teeth, flossing, tongues, etc. i used to be a dental assistant (still certified) and was studying to be a hygienist when i up and changed career paths and decided to get my degree in behavioral science and psychology instead. i can scale and polish my own teeth but i still hate getting fillings. (p.s. cavities sometimes just happen because of genetics and body chemistry, NOT because of sugar and poor habits. so don't judge me haha)
  4. i am the youngest of four children and three other step-siblings. i am somewhat spoiled and stubborn and pretty much always get my way. but i am also far enough away in age from my siblings to basically have been an "only child" and had my fair share of rules. so i'm a good "by myself-er" as well. i can be the center of attention and a performer or quiet and introverted. my sign is a gemini, the twins, which i believe fits my personality perfectly.
  5. i would almost always rather have something to drink than something to eat. for a snack i'd probably always choose a soda over a cookie. i always have a drink with me or am in a place where i can easily get a beverage. the colder, the better. pepsi is my nectar.
  6. i was a vegetarian for a month last year just to see if i could do it. while i was doing it, i researched the meat industry to keep me going. it is pretty gross. but in the end i gave it up because i gained a few pounds. too many carbs. however, i still support the cause. mostly in thought haha because eating organic is horrendously expensive. i still like morning star veggie burgers tho.
  7. i believe in aliens and ghosts, but not souls, immortality or the beyond.

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