Thursday, November 12, 2009

strawberry fields

aw china glaze, why you gotta do me so right? haha, i have to say that i am head over heels in love with this polish. strawberry fields is a rich vibrant pink filed with gallons of golden shimmer. it was released with china glaze's summer days collection '09. the entire set of paints were all pretty fun, personal favorites being watermelon rind, grape juice, this guy, and cherry pie. but they were all amazing. china glaze knows how to do their shimmers and glass flecks that is fo' sho!
strawberry fields is probably my favorite out of the bunch because of the great contrast of the pink and gold. also, the closest town to where i live has a "Strawberry Days" festival every summer. there is a fair and a rodeo and tons and tons of strawberries & cream to eat everywhere you look for about a week!  if you don't have this polish yet, what are you waiting for?? go get it :D
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