November 17, 2009

zoya joy

this zoya is a pretty dark pink with gold sparkles, called joy. and i was filled with joy wearing it haha :) not too crazy but still fun. i really love zoya's range of colors! this polish is borrowed from my bestie mickelle. i think i need more zoyas in my life. yes, i surely do!


  1. OOOh yes the joy, i love that pink! I muuust have it! Think it could be really cool as a matte.. Do a swatch with it matte :D

  2. Great colour, love the goldish sparkles

  3. Love pinks. I hope I have this one. I have every Zoya on my list bought. So they have to bring out new ones for me to buy. Looks very pretty on you.

  4. So pretty. I love Zoya :)

  5. MAN I love seeing my name on your blog! I'm famous! BTW, Joy kick's Drew's patootie. :)

  6. I love the gold sparkles in this. So pretty!


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