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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

halloween manicures

i love halloween and orange and black and these are some fun manicures i was sporting on or around the week of halloween this year :)

this is awesome china glaze fortune teller, an amazing black with copper/orange colored flake glitter. back-up worthy. amazing amazing polish. china glaze hit this one outta the park.
this is fortune teller a few days after (i know, i can't believe i wore it that long!) after i mattified it with essie's matte about you topcoat.
these are some cutie little press on nails i got at walmart for like $2 or something :) wore them the friday before halloween at work. this is the length i aspire mine to be naturally one day. ahh wishin and hopin! they were pretty sturdy considering how cheap they were, but the glue that came with them was crap so i had to use krazy glue (am i the only one who is peeved when companies use the letter "k" for things that should have the letter "c" to make them sound cool or something?) I used a few coats of base first so the glue wasn't on my nail bed, cuz i know you're worried ;)
this is nc2 fresh squeeze (discontinued) orange with the spiderwebs done with some striper polishes, inspired by the lovely Colette's awesome manicure over at My Simple Little Pleasures. the ring finger was my first try, but as i kept going i got the hang of it.
i decided it looked to "pretty" so i used sinful colors UFO on the orange and then mattified it with essie matte about you. the final product turned out fun and kinda deconstructed. the pictures don't do the look justice, but take my word for it haha.
this is china glaze's dreamsicle, which is a great great bright orange glitter. it's one of the 50 specialty glitters that came out this fall that i happened to snatch up at sally beauty by chance, even though my local stores didn't carry hardly any of the new glitters :( this shot was taken in my short lived rounded nail phase this past month too haha, i broke a few corners and decided to try the "squoval" shape thing again. needless to say, it didn't last long. now that i look at this picture tho, it doesn't look bad! i just felt weird looking down and not seeing my normal squares...i'm weird haha.
my last minute costume was a devil haha, this wig had the horns like glued in haha it was so fun to wear. it looked kinda rock-a-billy and i had a glitter pitchfork & forked tail. we have a family halloween party every year so we had a great time just eating and playing jeopardy and having a costume contest and lots of other stuff :) i hope everyone had a spooky fun weekend!!

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