Sunday, December 13, 2009

brand new skates

opi's brand new skates came out with the Holiday in Toyland collection in 2008. it is delightful-looking in the bottle, shimmery metallic charcoal goodness! i found it sort of hard to apply though, very watery and sheer on the first coat which led to lots of clean up. but it does build on itself nicely, and the end result is pretty much worth it. i like how it can look dark and just slightly glimmer with a greenish tint in low light and silvery with the gold and silver sparkles really showing through in brighter light. this is about 3 coats. i think it is a nice shade for this time of year and think it was a good choice for a holiday collection. if you've got this guy on your shelf from last year, now is a perfect season to take him down and show off some glitz!

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