Monday, December 28, 2009

polish present

this is a short post because believe it or not, even though school is out for a while and i'm back from vacation, i'm still kinda swamped right now haha. haven't gotten any posts together juuuust yet but i will be back with a vengeance soon :D

a while ago on a post i made a comment about two zoya polishes that i had been wanting forever, and one of my lovely kind generous amazing readers Amy contacted me letting me know she had the colors i had been lemming and didn't care for them. and imagine my SURPRISE when a few weeks later i received a giant box full of polishes from her! miss Amy sent me all of these polishes pictures below (i apologize for the poor picture quality). tons of zoyas including Pasha and Ki, the ones i had been desperately wanting, some china glazes, a hard candy, an opi and my first nicole polish!
i was flabbergasted at my good fortune and wanted to thank Amy personally again. can't wait to show you all the swatches! i've already worn a bunch of them ♥
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