Monday, December 28, 2009

polish present

this is a short post because believe it or not, even though school is out for a while and i'm back from vacation, i'm still kinda swamped right now haha. haven't gotten any posts together juuuust yet but i will be back with a vengeance soon :D

a while ago on a post i made a comment about two zoya polishes that i had been wanting forever, and one of my lovely kind generous amazing readers Amy contacted me letting me know she had the colors i had been lemming and didn't care for them. and imagine my SURPRISE when a few weeks later i received a giant box full of polishes from her! miss Amy sent me all of these polishes pictures below (i apologize for the poor picture quality). tons of zoyas including Pasha and Ki, the ones i had been desperately wanting, some china glazes, a hard candy, an opi and my first nicole polish!
i was flabbergasted at my good fortune and wanted to thank Amy personally again. can't wait to show you all the swatches! i've already worn a bunch of them ♥


  1. OMG... how unbelievably generous is that? Wow Amy, hope you have some fab Karma heading your way!

    I have been lemming Pasha for ever, please do a post on it so I can drool - ASAP! Is it 2nd row, 2nd from left?

    It was on my wishlist on my ill-fated Xmas Polish Elfster thing. Bah humbug to polish thieves.

    What's the 2nd row 3rd from right polish? and the OPI in the bottom left? Oh and the bottom row 3rd from right - I'm shutting up now - sorry!

    Get painting chicka!

  2. WOW !!! That is awesome ! How weet and generous of Amy to send you all these wonderful polishes :-)))

  3. Wow, that's soo nice of Amy!! Her gift to you is bigger than my polish collection already! LOL

    Enjoy all the pretty polishes!

  4. lipglossiping~ pasha is top row second from left i think, haha the pic is really terrible sorry! i'm so sorry about your bratty polish gifter who stiffed you :( bad vibes to them! 3rd from right 2nd row is Rea, the OPI is pretty at the premier, bottom row 3rd from right is CG fortune teller. yes ma'am i will get to posting ASAP!

    tuli~ i know i was astounded at her generosity!

    lisa~ oh dear no matter how big or small a collection is, it's how much love you have for it that counts :)

    these random acts of kindness are just a small part of what makes this blogging community so special to me. the women i have met here are truly special kind loving creatures who i cherish getting to know!

  5. What a sweet and generous thing to do. The nail blogging community is full of sweet wonderful people. You have some lovely polishes there.

  6. wow jealous much? im soooo jealous what a nice haul! go amy for doing that :)

  7. Kellie:
    I should have sent you more--
    I recently got pregnant and not only the smell, but the sight of nail polish is making me ill! Its going to be a long nine months....
    Love ya--

  8. awww congrats amy!! it'll all be worth it once you have that little bundle in your arms! good luck little mama!


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