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Thursday, December 31, 2009

last post of the decade

hmm. it's been a tough week. a tough year. a tough decade really. so far, i'm as old as i've ever been (haha). but this blog has given me a lot of joy and a hobby and a passion that i can turn to when things get rough. and i love it. i can only hope for amazing things in the next 10 years.

Miss Ange-Marie recently tagged me for the "Beautiful Blogger" award, thanks sweetie! and what better way to end the year and decade than to tell you some weird/interesting facts about me? haha, stuff that i've learned about myself over these last few enlightening years from adolescence to adulthood. i can't believe that 10 years ago i was 13! so weird :)
here goes!
  1.  i will never be able to be satisfied with the knowledge in my head. i wish i could be a bit dumber to be honest, as they say ignorance is bliss. i fear i have too many thoughts in my head to ever be truly content. 
  2. my favorite smell in entire world is clothes that are laundered with Tide brand laundry soap and then dried using Bounce dryer sheets. best combo ever.
  3. i am a "by-myself-er". i'm beginning to find out that most of my immediate family is too and the people that i admire the most are as well.
  4. i change my mind about 80 times a day. or more. about a million things.
  5. i think high heels and boots are incredibly sexy but i NEVER wear them. my feet are permanently used to flip-flops and vans slip-ons. i'm very casual. my nails and makeup are the only fancy thing about me.
  6. even though i love music almost as much as air, i think i would be ok if the only thing i could listen to for the rest of my life was string quartet music. there is nothing more soothing or exciting to me.
  7. i secretly wish i was a little person (i.e. a dwarf). not for the attention, just because i really like being short. and i'm not short enough :)
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