Friday, December 18, 2009

essie meet balls

hahahahahahaha this polish name just cracks me up, i know i know, i'm so immature :D but you know you love me! essie's meet balls is an orangey medium brownish reddish coralish color with gold shimmer. it's sort of hard to describe haha. but honestly, it's really flattering and i was surprised how much i liked how it looked on me!


  1. haha, awesome name.

    pretty though! I like the gold shimmer!

    xo caitlin

  2. Your nails and cuticles are looking super fabulous, some of the best I have seen in a while :)

    Love the color on you :)

  3. Hahaha, OMG, that is NOT the name of that polish, is it? I bet they regret that one, it doesn't seem like something Essie would go for, huh?
    Anyway - it's a pretty color, and it does look great on you!

  4. thank you brooke!! you're so sweet :D this is from a while ago, so my nails are longer now but i have been trying to take better care of my cuticles, so glad to know it's paying off!

    nicole, i know it's HI-larious!

  5. Hahha, I love the name. That's a gorgeous color on you! I love getting your blog posts delivered to my email box, because I can see my email on my phone. And sometimes you crack me up! Like this morning. I just jumped online to comment. Thanks for the laugh this morning!


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