December 16, 2009

l.a. girl matte orange

i'm not a huge fan of matte polishes as i find them a little hard to work with and with the recent promotion of matte topcoats i don't see much point in them. however, when i saw this candy orange shade, i just had to have it. i love orange, it is underrated and happy and just adorable! it wasn't too difficult to apply, but it does dry really quickly, about as fast as the nubar matte shades do. this is two coats. i also love the bottle shape of these l.a. girl polishes, it fits in my hand really well and is aesthetically pleasing haha :) hope you are all having a great week! happy wednesday ♥


  1. this is the first matte orange I've seen - I really like it!!

  2. That is a really cool color, I like how it is orange, but it isn't obnoxious.

  3. I can't usually wear orange but that is a sweet tangarine shade I bet I could pull off!

  4. I feel like that's more satin-y than totally matte... but it looks better that way.


  5. Hey darling, this is for you:


  6. totally JP, it is a softer satiny look than the stark matte that the opi's were. i like it better :)

  7. I love this. I will need to get to Fred Meyer ASAP to pick this up!


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