Wednesday, December 9, 2009

sally hansen diamond strength

here are a few swatches of some sally hansen diamond strength polishes i picked up at a rite aid a while ago. i don't love these so much. i don't care for the extra looooong necks on the bottles at all. because the brush handle then has to be really long and that makes me clumsy because i have small squat hands and short fingers....and i'm naturally a klutz. the formula seems like it doesn't dry very fast either which tends to cause bubbles more often than not.

floral taffeta is my favorite out of these three, a pretty reddish strawberry color with a nice subtle diamond shimmer. i managed to get this one to dry sans bubbles thank goodness. this is three coats.

precious peach looked more...i don't know, um PEACH in the bottle to me. (wow, why would i think that?) on the nail it looks much more orange. i don't like it, which is weird because i usually really enjoy orange. and the shimmer in this one makes it look cheap to me. i may have to give this guy away...

champagne toast is totally the wrong name for this light pink shimmer. it is a nice safe shade with a hint of dazzle, but it is not the color of champagne or toast. le weird. this went on pretty streaky no matter how long i waited between coats or how many coats i applied. i stopped at three (coats) on the second try.

i'm glad i got these bottles on clearance or else i would be upset. in stores they can run you around $7 a bottle! no thanks, i would pay that much for a good quality opi but for drugstore polish? nah.
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